Corporate Team Building

Goal Setting, Organization, Team Work, Deadlines

Corporate Team Building Cooking Classes in AtlantaSkewer the competition with a team building experience at Yes, Chef! Culinary Events and teach them to have a great time doing it! Working together in the kitchen is a modern approach to building camaraderie and productivity. As your team learns to plan, organize and work together with a deadline to accomplish a fantastic (and tasty!) task at Yes, Chef! Culinary Events, they will learn useful skills to incorporate into their work practices.

Corporate team building at Yes, Chef! Culinary Events gives a whole new meaning to bringing people together!

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Yes, Chef! Culinary Events Challenge

The clock is ticking, and the heat is on to prepare the best cuisine. Guests are divided into teams and receive the same recipes. However, the teams are competing against each other to create the best overall meal in categories of taste, creativity, execution, time management, and plating. The final challenge is to tastefully describe the dishes to the judges. Winners are chosen after careful deliberation and announced to the crowd.

Classic Hands-On-Class

The focus is on technique, and can be customized for the novice to the advanced cook. This is a perfect opportunity to explore your favorite international cuisine, too. Menus can be chosen from our varied stock or created together based on your interest.

Around the Yes, Chef! Table

The perfect event for those who love the culinary experience, but aren’t ready to get their hands dirty. Guests are seated with a direct view of the chef and can ask questions while the professional prepares the meal. For the majority of the time, guests remain seated with some varied opportunities for participation.

Top Secret

This takes the Yes, Chef! Culinary Events Challenge to the next level. Secret ingredients are introduced just before cooking begins and must be incorporated into each course of the menu. Participants will be judged on taste, creativity, presentation and incorporation of mystery ingredient. Pricing begins at $110 per person.

Pay It Forward

An inclusive experience: bonding and community service. The menu is comprised of recipes which can be repurposed and packaged to give to the charity of choice. Guests will prepare a full meal for themselves in addition to meals which are donated.

A Steady Pour

Our enhanced wine service adds just the right spice to make your event stand out. Each course is expertly paired, and includes a flight of at least four wines to compliment the reception, appetizer or salad, entrée, and dessert. This service is an additional $20 per person. If you are ready to cling to the vine, a sommelier or accredited wine expert can be on hand for guidance and education for an additional flat rate of $200.