Adult Cooking Classes in Atlanta

Become a Cultured Cook!

Whether you want to learn about international cuisines, sharpen your skills or simply have fun, we have the cooking class for you.

Join Yes, Chef! Culinary Events for demonstrations and hands-on cooking classes as our instructors take you on a culinary journey around the world.

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Saturday, October 19

Dirndl and lederhosen optional. We are welcoming back Kelly from A Cork in the Road for German Beer vs. German Wine to accompany this hands on cooking class. You will be creating a caramelized onion strudel with grainy mustard appetizer, schnitzel with horseradish aioli, spatzel with butter and dill, and braised red cabbage. To finish the evening, we will have apple cake with fresh cream. Chef Cyndi will lead this class, drawing from her German heritage and travels in Germany. $89 per person.
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Brine and Wine

Saturday, November 16

We are here to answer the big questions: How do I brine my turkey and what kind of wine do I serve with it? The pros at Yes, Chef! are going to walk you through the steps of brining and roasting a turkey, as well as creating basic yeast rolls, gravy 101, shredded bruseells sprouts & cranberry salad, and pecan-bourbon tart. A Cork in the Road is going to pouring on the fun and inforamtion with their signature beer vs. wine pairings. $89 per person
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Vegetarian Entertaining

Sunday, December 15

Move beyond salads and bowls to create stunning dishes which are vegetarian or vegan. With the help of our talented chefs, you will be creating vegan maqluba (middle eastern upside down rice dish), mushroom tart with hemp-seed pesto, hasselback butternut squash with sage, greens and hazelnuts, root vegetable tart tatine, and vegan spice cake with vegan salted caramel. Wine will be served to attendees 21 and older. Teens welcome with an attending adult. $89 per person
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Pasta from Scratch

Friday, January 17

Learn how to make delicious pasta from scratch! Chef Katia of Cateri Italian Foods learned the art of pasta making from her grandmother, mother and aunts, and she is sharing with you! You will learn to make, Ravioli del plin filled with chard and ricotta, Tagliatelle in a short rib ragu, and Busiate in pesto trapanese. $89 per person. Wine will be served.
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